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Let There Be Justice

The Political Journey of Imran Khan
Imran Khan is in the spotlight once more, this time for his defiant presence on the political stage of Pakistan and not on the cricket field. Although not a beginner in politics-for he has been roaring out his public speeches for nearly two decades-but it is only now that he is being perceived as a serious contender in the country. Imran's sporting life; his personal life and his character have always drawn much media coverage. Rising from virtually nothing, his `Pakistan Movement for Justice' party enjoys a strong voice in the opposition. He has managed to draw huge crowds to the voting booths-an uncommon spectacle in Pakistan. His opponents hate him, not least because of the coverage he enjoys in social media. `Politeness has never been one of his virtues,' concedes an average Nawaz Sharif faithful, rather curtly. His contemporaries may despise him for his open stage bluntness and tongue-lashing, but he undoubtedly possesses tremendous persuasive powers to bring people to his line of thinking. The youth of the nation love him, believes in him, and thereby empowers him. His ideas are revolutionary and prophetic. He remains a celebrated figure and a serious crowd puller. Imran Khan's arduous political journey is a subject that deserves to be explored.
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