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I Know I Am Rude

Prince Philip's Life in His Own Words

A True Friend of Australia - At the age of twenty-one, the future Prince Philip wrote to a relative: I know you will never think much of me. I am rude and unmannerly. This self-knowledge was no reason to change in his mind, and the prince added prophetically, But it is fun. This affectionate self-portrait, brings together the best, and as well as a host of less well-known stories in the princes own words, and gives a fascinating first-hand insight into the royal world where he traipses around as a fella who belongs to Mrs. Queen. With or without her, he often visited Australia and New Zealand, countries he adored. From Prince Philips blunt speech-making, his mocking of the media and captains of industry, to his fond teasing of Her Majesty herself, here is a truly regal self-portrait by the royal familys very own Jeremy Clarkson.

Nigel Cawthorne started his writing career at the Financial Times and has written books on the royal family and its history, as well as provided news comment on Sky, ITV, STV and BBC radio. He lives in Bloomsbury, London.

* Fully updated edition celebrating Prince Philips 100th birthday.
* Affectionate look at the Duke of Edinburgh’s propensity for putting his foot in his mouth.
* 32 new pages of new stories.
* 5000+ copies sold of previous editions.
• THE TIMES Diary Book of the Week
• TELEGRAPH ‘By far the funniest.’
• EAST ANGLIA DAILY NEWS ‘Affectionate.’
• NORTHERN ECHO ‘Absolutely hilarious.’
• EASTERN DAILY PRESS ‘You’ll be royally impressed.’
• THE LADY ‘Priceless gems.’

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