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Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid

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Experience day-to-day life for a dyslexic kid, including school life, bullying and coping with tests and homework, in this frank and funny diary. Co-authored with a teenage boy with dyslexia and illustrated with cartoons, this is a positive yet honest look at the difficulties of being dyslexic. Using a simple and relatable approach, the authors display the ups and downs of school - and home - life with a reading difficulty, focussing on the sometimes overwhelming experience of being at a bigger school and studying loads of new subjects. Providing tips for what really helps and works based on real-life experience, this fun, accessible book shows teens and tweens with dyslexia that they are far from alone in their experiences.
Author's Note; 1: This book belongs to....; 2: September 9th Monday; 3: September 10th Tuesday; 4: Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th September; 5: Saturday 14th to Friday 27th September; 6: Monday 29th September to Wednesday 29th October; 7: Friday 31st October to Monday 10th November; 8: Monday 1st December to Wednesday 31st December; 9: Monday 5th to Friday 30th January; 10: Tuesday 10th to Sunday 29th February; 11: Monday 1st to Friday 25th March; 12: Monday 11th to Saturday 30th April; 13: Monday 1st to Wednesday 31st May; 14: Thursday 1st June to Friday 14th July; Further Reading

I like the style of this, I like that it's a diary because this makes it easier to read.The font is nice and big and easy to read.It's just amazing (like yoda).

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