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Incredible Teenage Brain: Everything You Need to Know to Unlock Your Tee

n's Potential
  • ISBN-13: 9781785925573
  • Author: Murphy, Tara and Hohnen, Bettina and Gilmour, Jane
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  • Local release date: 14/12/2019
  • Format: Paperback (246.00mm X 172.00mm) 360 pages Weight: 616g
  • Categories: Child & developmental psychology [JMC]
Table of
Written by a team of leading clinical psychologists, this straightforward book walks the reader through the workings of the teenage brain. Pulling together the latest research, from brain imaging techniques to studies of teen behaviour, the authors provide an invaluable framework for parents, teachers and professionals to understand how teenagers learn.
Uniquely, the authors provide a manual with clear strategies for what to do to support teens based on findings from neuroscience and psychology. They show that good relationships and communication are the bedrocks of supporting teens to develop, learn and grow. They also highlight the importance of individual and learning differences, mental health, and a growth mindset, as part of the over-arching theoretical framework of the book. A must read for anyone supporting young people.
Foreword; Introduction; Section 1: The Incredible Teen Brain; 1. Upgrade: the incredible teenage brain; 2. The brain thinks and feels; 3. The brain learns and believes; 4. The brain connects, watches and absorbs; 5. The brain loves other people; Section 2: Teens facing additional challenges; 6. Teen mental health: When teen brains can become overwhelmed; 7. Neurodiverse teen brains - teenagers with a learning difference; Section 3: The developmental priorities, or 'tasks' of a teenager; 8. Social factors and natural attractors; 9. Teens' Risk taking Sets them Up for Adult Lifeand - and builds important brain circuitry; 10. The power of feelings and motivation; 11. Who Am I? the teenage search for identity; 12. Ready to launch (with your help); Section 4: The importance of cCare and self-care for the developing teenage brain; 13. Sleepy teens; 14. Energy in, energy out - creating healthy habits in the teen brain; 15. Good stress, bad stress; 16. #Social media and technology; Section 5: May The Force Be With You, Luke; 17. The Last Word
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