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Observational Drawing for Students with Dyslexia

Strategies, Tips and Inspiration
Table of
This hands-on practical guide provides dyslexic young people with techniques to improve their observational drawing skills, showing them how they can work around the issues commonly reported by students with SLDs. Many creative and talented individuals with neurological differences report difficulties with short-term memory, co-ordination and planning ahead within a project, and a lack of specialised teaching may even dissuade them from pursuing art at school. This book addresses those challenges. The authors, who have many years' experience of teaching art to dyslexic and dyspraxic students, also include examples not just of the techniques described, but also of the creative ideas other neurodiverse students have come up with. Fully illustrated, with clear explanations, and space to draw and sketch, this much needed book will provide dyslexic art students with the tools and confidence to achieve their goals and become the creative professionals of the future.
1. Introduction 2. Seeing into Drawing: Dyslexia-friendly Observational Drawing 3. Positive Dyslexia: Drawing and Beyond
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