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Bi the Way

The Bisexual Guide to Life
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Whether you are openly bisexual, still figuring things out or just interested in learning more about bisexuality, Bi The Way is your essential guide to understanding and embracing bisexuality. With first-hand accounts from bi advocates, it includes practical tips and guidance on topics including dating, sex, biphobia, bi-erasure, coming out, activism and gender identity, demystifying a community that is often erased or overlooked. Rallying, honest and powerfully written, this must-read book is a manifesto for bisexual people everywhere and will empower you to live your most authentic bisexual life.
Lois Shearing is a bi activist, freelance journalist and writer based in London. They are the founder of the Bisexual Survivors Network and are the founder of the #DoBetterBiUs campaign, which aims to challenge biphobia. Their writing on bisexuality has been published by The Independent, The Advocate, DIVA magazine, Gay Star News, INTO, and Openly. Bi The Way is their first book.
1. Am I bi? 2. What if I have a preference? 3. Does bisexuality reinforce the gender binary? 4. When should I come out? 5. What's dating like for bi people? 6. How long has bisexuality been around? 7. What is biphobia? 8. What is bi erasure? 9. What issues do bi people face? 10. What's the bi community like and how do I find it?
A first-of-its-kind survival guide for bisexual people, written by a leading figure in the bi community
Bi the Way is the friendly introduction to all things bi that the world has needed for so long! Lois writes in an accessible, engaging, and informed way throughout, including helpful quotes from many other bi, pan, and queer people about their experiences and the ways in which their sexualities intersect with other aspects of their identities. If you've noticed yourself being attracted to more than one gender and want to explore what language to use, how to navigate outness and dating, and where to find community and support, this is absolutely the book for you. -- Meg-John Barker, author of Sexuality: A Graphic Guide and How to Understand Your Sexuality
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