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Drum Circles for Specific Population Groups

An Introduction to Drum Circles for Therapeutic and Educational Outcomes

Experts from the world of drum circles offer a lively, accessible and considerate introduction to confidently leading drum circles. This book offers structured advice and practical activities for you to dive in and use with a variety of groups, from children to corporate employees! This is an essential guide for both anyone thinking about starting to lead drum circles, and for experienced practitioners looking to expand their knowledge on working with different groups.

  • Activities suitable for different levels of experience in leading drum circles
  • *The* one-stop book for anyone thinking about using a drum circle in their practice
  • 2019 research showed a strong evidence base demonstrated the health benefits of group drumming
  • Drum circles are used in both music-led and broader community settings

Simon Faulkner is a leading practitioner, trainer and speaker specialising in evidence-based interventions utilising rhythm. He developed the multi-award-winning DRUMBEAT intervention, the only music programme to gain a 5 star evidence rating as a mental health intervention and the first to be recognised as an accredited unit of curriculum for social and emotional learning. He lives in Western Australia and delivers training internationally.

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