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Connecting and Communicating with Your Autistic Child

A Toolkit of Activities to Encourage Emotional Regulation and Social Dev
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This book teaches drama and immersive theatre-based activities for parents and professionals working with children and young people on the autism spectrum. The exercises follow the author's simple, person-centred '3C pathway' of connecting, calming and communicating, and enable parents to gain an understanding of the challenges an autistic child may face by 'walking in their shoes', while empowering children to become more self-aware and express themselves in healthy ways. The activities included in the book are tried-and-tested, accessible and easy to implement, such as breathing exercises, mirroring movements, and treasure hunts. Using these activities, parents and professionals can gain insight into the sensory and social challenges experienced by those on the spectrum and can work to build a positive and trusting relationship, offering a secure base for children's emotional development.
Introduction 1. Act for Autism: who, what and why? 2. Creating the Practice: Clear Time and the 3C Pathway 3. Connecting through drama Autism and the Senses 4. Why autism is hard to understand 5. Understanding autism as a sensory difference and the link to anxiety 6. What autistic individuals say about their sensory experience 7. The senses and how they impact on a child's experience Connecting through Clear Time and the 3C Pathway 8. What is Clear Time? 9. The first C: Connecting 10. The second C: Calming 11. The third C: Communicating 12. Why is heartbeat so important for the 3C Pathway? 13. The role of drama exercises in our work 14. 3C Pathway exercises Conclusion References
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