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Interoception and Regulation

Teaching Skills of Body Awareness and Supporting Connection with Others
There are some things that many of us take for granted - such as knowing when we are hot or cold, feel hungry, or need to go to the toilet. But how do we know these things, and why do some people struggle to recognise them? Interoception - the ability to identify and act on physical sensations inside the body - is crucial to human well-being. It underpins physical developmental milestones, such as toilet-training, as well emotional ones, such as the ability to self-regulate. Research shows that Autism often co-occurs with poor interoceptive sense. This practical and informative book demystifies interoception and provides tools to help boost interoceptive abilities. It summarises the latest research, explores how interoceptive difficulties can be identified, suggests strategies to manage feelings and emotions, and explains how to support individuals in 'tuning in' to themselves.
Dr Emma Goodall is an autistic author, advocate and adjunct research fellowship at the University of Southern Queensland. She runs Healthy Possibilities, a consultancy offering personal life coaching alongside continuing professional development for educators and families and NDIS services (many with a link to interoception). Emma speaks widely on the topic of interoception and is a previously published JKP author. Dr Charlotte Brownlow is a researcher and Associate Dean of the Graduate Research School at the University of Southern Queensland. Charlotte's research interests focus on diversity and difference, particularly in the area of neurodiversity. Charlotte publishes widely within the field of autism and leads the Neurodiversity research team within the Health and Social Justice research theme in the Centre for Health Research at USQ.
Demystifies interoception and explains how to support people who find this aspect of self-awareness difficult.
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