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ABC of Gender Identity

A is for Agender, B is for Bigender and C is for Cisgender. Welcome to the ABC of Gender Identity! This bright and playful A - Z introduces young readers to 26 gender identities to help raise awareness and acceptance of different genders. Gender identity is an important part of who we are, and how we express ourselves in the world, and this book aims to help children better understand themselves and those around them. With simple explanations, a helpful guide for adults, and a diverse cast of illustrated characters, this is the perfect book for exploring diversity, acceptance and equality with children age 5+.
Devika Dalal is a Creative Art Director and the author, designer and illustrator of ABC of Gender Identity. She works in advertising and is an advocate of using creativity for social impact. She currently lives in New York City.
An A-Z of gender identities for kids age 5+ to help educate young readers on gender diversity
ABC of Gender Identity is a valuable resource for adults to use when introducing the gender spectrum to young readers and initiating conversations about gender. -- Afsaneh Moradian, M.Ed. author of Jamie is Jamie and Jamie and Bubbie
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