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Free from Panic

A Teen's Guide to Coping with Panic Attacks and Other Panic Symptoms
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Panic symptoms and panic attacks can feel overwhelming and frightening. This book guides teens through the isolation and worry of living with panic symptoms or panic disorder. Through interactive exercises, this book shows that the key to unlocking freedom from panic is learning to understand our feelings, fears and bodies. Demonstrating that panic is a natural emotion that many people experience, it provides useful strategies drawn from a range of approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) to help teens to get on top of their fears and panic. Co-written by respected clinicians in the field, the strategies in this book are tried and tested in helping teens and young people in their journey through panic.
Dr Monika Parkinson is a clinical psychologist and Research Fellow at the University of Reading. She is co-author of Am I Depressed and What Can I Do About It?, Teenage Depression - A CBT Guide for Parents and Parent-led CBT for Child Anxiety. Dr Kerstin Thirlwall is a clinical psychologist working in private practice. She is co-author of Parent-led CBT for Child Anxiety. Dr Lucy Willetts is a clinical psychologist working in private practice. She is co-author of Can I Tell You About Anxiety?, Overcoming Your Child's Fears and Worries and Parent-led CBT for Child Anxiety. (
1.Freedom is Already Yours and We Will Show You Why 2.So Basically I'm Just Normal 3.But Why Do I Get Trapped by My Panic? 4.Accepting and Embracing My Panic 5.Being My Own Personal Cheerleader 6.Helping to Restore Your Body's Natural Balance 7.Making New Discoveries 8.My Steps Towards Freedom 9.Putting It All Together Further Reading and Recommended Websites
Self-help book for teens experiencing panic attacks, including strategies from CBT, ACT and CFT
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