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Our Stories of Being TRANS
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A visionary, moving and one-of-a-kind anthology of writing on what it means to be trans today and every day. From the daily bite of anxiety as you go to leave the house, to the freedom found swimming in the wild, through to moments of queer rage and joy and the peculiar timeslip of reliving your adolescence, the stories in this collection reveal the untold lived realities of trans people to help inform, inspire and unite. Spanning a range of topics such as gender dysphoria, transphobia, chest binding, gender reassignment surgery, coming out in later life, migration and love and relationships, these unique first-person accounts celebrate the beauty and diversity of being trans and will empower others on their journey. Showcasing eight new exciting trans writers, this extraordinary collection is a powerful and heartfelt love-letter to the trans community.
Includes contributions from the winners of the inaugural JKP Writing Prize: Den Casey, Kole Fulmine, Danielle Hopkins, Kirrin Medcalfe, Harry Mizumoto, Tash Oakes-Monger, Edward Whelan and Ezra Woodger.
1. We are Everywhere (Tash Oakes-Monger) 2. Bits and Pieces of Myself (Edward Whelan) 3. An Eagle at Sunset (Den Casey) 4. Walk in My Shoes (Kirrin Medcalfe) 5. The One that No One Talks About (Danielle Hopkins) 6. Banana (Harry Mizumoto) 7. Torso (Kole Fulmine) 8. My Amazing Mostly-Monochrome Dreamcoat (Ezra Woodger)
A visionary, one-of-a-kind anthology on what it means to be trans today
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