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Sun's Season of Channels

An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Medical Theory, and Chann
Table of

This is a creative, entry-level book on Chinese medicine theory, philosophy, and concepts told in an accessible, story-telling format in the context of a child visiting their grandparents over the summer and having lessons over afternoon tea. It presents the theory of Yin/Yang, the five elements, the Chinese Biorhythm Clock and the placement of the channels with a logical explanation in a narrative style. With a dialectic approach, it not only aids Chinese medicine students in understanding the Classical texts, but also nudges students away from memorising information and towards a deeper understanding of the channels and relevant theories.

Jonathan Shubs is a Canadian acupuncturist who lives and practices in Switzerland. He is the creator of the Unified Acupuncture Theory system and teaches this internationally. He is also a lecturer at Chiway Academy for the Healing Arts in Switzerland where he teaches undergraduate students and CE. He is trainer for professional development courses at the Academie des Arts-Therapeutic in Geneva where he teaches acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well as clinic management and patient-therapist relationships.

1. Story of Sun visiting grandparents
2. The difficulty of grasping the classics
3. The Essence of Yin and Yang
4. Yin and Yang and the 4 seasons
5. Four becomes five
6. From seasons to elements
7. The associations of the 5 elements
8. The movements of the 5 elements
9. Yin and Yang in relationship to the human body
10. What exactly is a channel?
11. The mysterious Qi
12. The internal organs and the bowels
13. The three divisions of the human body
14. The general flow of channels
15. The meaning behind the Chinese names of the channels
16. Associating the organs and bowels to the channels
17. Each Channel Will Have Its Hour
18. Channels in the arms
19. Channels in the leg
20. Channels in the torso
21. Channels in the head
22. The Midline Crisis
23. Sun goes home
The Tai Yin Lung channel
The Yang Ming Large Intestine Channel
The Yang Ming Stomach Channel
The Tai Yin Spleen Channel
The Shao Yin Heart Channel
The Tai Yang Small Intestine Channel
The Tai Yang Bladder Channel
The Shao Yin Kidney Channel
The Jue Yin Pericardium Channel
The Shao Yang Triple Warmer Channel
The Shao Yang Gall Bladder Channel
The Jue Yin Liver Channel
The Governing Vessel
The Conception Vessel

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