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Italian Discourse

A Cultural Semantic Analysis
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Using the Natural Semantic Metalanguage methodology, Gian Marco Farese presents a comprehensive analysis of the most important Italian cultural keywords and cultural scripts which foreign learners and cultural outsiders need to know to become linguistically and culturally proficient in Italian. Farese focuses on the words and speech practices that are used most frequently in Italian discourse and that are uniquely Italian: both untranslatable into other languages and reflective of salient aspects of Italian culture and society. Italian Discourse: A Cultural Semantic Analysis sheds light on ways in which the Italian language is related to Italians' character, values, and way of thinking, and it does so in contrastive perspective with English. Each chapter focuses on a cultural keyword, putting it into cultural context and tracing the term through a series of written texts including novels, plays, poems, and songs. Italian Discourse will be an important resource for anyone interested in Italian studies and Italian linguistics, as well as in semantics, cultural studies, sociology, linguistic anthropology, cognitive linguistics, intercultural communication, and translation.
Contents Acknowledgements Chapter 1. Parlami e Ti Diro Chi Sei Chapter 2. Che Bello! Chapter 3. Una Brutta Storia Chapter 4. Italiani, Brava Gente Chapter 5. Italiani Sapientoni Chapter 6. Italiani Attori Chapter 7. Italiani Comandanti Chapter 8. Conclusione Bibliography Index About the Author
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