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The Red Beast Anger Workbook

For All Children Who Want to Tame Their Red Beast Including Those on theAutism Spectrum
This illustrated and interactive workbook will help children find ways to calm their Red Beast and learn how to prevent it from waking in the first place. Full of practical activities and illustrated examples, it supports the development of emotional and sensory regulation and provides coping mechanisms for children who experience intense emotional flooding or meltdowns as well. The workbook includes a helpful introduction for adults on the science of self-regulation, clear guidance on how to pace the learning and a wide range of activities such as scenarios to help children explore their anger, anger management plans, and exercises that encourage interoceptive awareness. It also addresses common causes of anger including perfectionism, winning and losing and discusses the importance of a positive attitude and using kind words in a child-friendly way. Join Danni and his friends and family as they explore the challenges they face from the Red Beast and how they overcome them.
Kay Al-Ghani (Author) K.I.Al-Ghani is a specialist advisory teacher and international author. She is currently a lecturer at the University of Brighton, delivering their PGCert Autism. She has worked in both mainstream and special schools and trained professionals, parents and caregivers, in all aspects of ASD. She has spoken at many conferences, including those organised by the NAS. As an author and mother of a son with ASD, she has spent over 30 years researching the enigma that is autism. Sue Larkey (Author) Sue Larkey has taught as a primary school teacher and as a special education teacher teaching students with ASD in both a mainstream and a specialist autism school. She combines this practical experience with extensive research, having completed a Masters in Special Education and currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education. Sue has an Internationally Top Rated Podcast with over 1 Million Downloads (The Sue Larkey Podcast) and a following of over 120,000 in her Facebook Community (Sue Larkey Teacher). Haitham Al-Ghani (Illustrator) Haitham-Al-Ghani is a talented book illustrator and cartoon animator. He graduated with Triple Distinction in Multi-Media Studies and won the Vincent Lines Award for creative excellence.
Interactive workbook to help autistic children learn how to identify anger triggers and develop self-regulation
The Red Beast Workbook uses Danni to de-personalise the self-learning aspect of this resource and it really works! The information is in abundance, including opening up the child to all eight areas of their sensory system, whilst cleverly being presented in bite size chunks. This practical workbook is a useful tool for parents, carers and all educators. -- Danielle Jata-Hall, public speaker, PDA advocate, and author of I'm Not Upside Down, I'm Downside Up!
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