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Arriving Late

The lived experience of women receiving a late autism diagnosis

"The stories within this book tell of the journey women take to late autism diagnosis: stories of discovery, strength, self-awareness and belonging."

An honest and eye-opening collection of stories from the lives of late diagnosed autistic women across the world, brought together with thoughtful observations from neurodivergent advocate, Jodi Lamanna.

Exploring life before and after diagnosis and covering topics such as masking, social interaction, parenting and employment, this book provides much-needed insight into the challenges and successes of late diagnosed women.

With chances for reflection on your own experiences, informative diagnosis tips and guidance on what can be done in the future to properly support autistic women, this is an essential read for late diagnosed women and those supporting them.

Jodi Lamanna currently works in the field of systemic advocacy, policy and research around disability. Jodi has previously worked on research projects in the tertiary sector focusing on equity, disability and higher education Jodi has published academic articles, and co-edited a book on career development learning and the United Nations sustainability development goals.

The stories that Jodi has collected give us a wonderful insight into the minds and worlds of late-diagnosed autistic females. Autistic females will resonate with what they read in this book and feel the great strength in knowing that they are not alone. Warm, real and inspiring, this is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the lives of autistic females. -- Sarah Hendrickx author of Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition

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