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Set for Success: Activities for Teaching Emotional, Social and Organizat

ional Skills
Table of
To be successful in today's world, all children need to become competent in emotional, social and organizational skills. This engaging and easy-to-implement resource will be an invaluable tool for teaching these essential life skills to children of all abilities.Each chapter is subject-themed, and includes a checklist of objectives, lesson ideas, activities and fully-photocopiable worksheets. From developing organizational skills by making use of timetables, reports and note-taking, to promoting self-esteem by creating acrostic poems, Set for Success offers a series of structured yet fun-filled exercises that cater for all learning styles and levels of emotional and social proficiency.This practical resource is ideal for children aged 3-10, but many of the activities can easily be adapted for older children who need extra support in developing emotional, social and organizational skills.
Introduction.; 1. Getting Organized.; 2. Being Persistent.; 3. Becoming Confident.; 4. Connecting with Others.; 5. Regulating Emotions.; 6. Attaining Independence.; 7. Communicating Respectfully.; 8. Relaxing and Energizing.; 9. Rights and Responsibilities. Conclusion.
This book is aimed at primary aged pupils and designed to help improve emotional, social and organisational skills. The philosophy of the book is that success breeds success and so with help, children are more likely to experience positive outcomes if these skills are honed. Activities in the book concentrate on being organised, persistent, confident and sociable, as well as being able to regulate one's own emotions, attain more independence and communicate effectively. Each of the chapters in the book provide lesson ideas, aims and objectives. The requirements for the activities which span many curriculum areas, such as science, technology, music, sport, literacy and numeracy, are all included. Worksheets are photocopiable and the activities cater for a range of learning styles and levels of competency. Although aimed at the primary age group many activities would be suitable for adaptation for older pupils.
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