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Can I Tell You About OCD?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals

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Meet Katie - a teenager with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Katie invites readers to learn about OCD from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is, how her obsessions and compulsions affect her daily life, and how people around her can help.With illustrations throughout, this will be an ideal introduction to OCD for both young people and older readers. It shows family, friends and teachers how they can support someone with the condition and will be an excellent way to start a conversation about OCD, in the classroom or at home.
Acknowledgements. Foreword by Isobel Heyman. 1. Introducing Katie, who has OCD. 2. Obsessions. 3. Compulsions. 4. Avoidance. 5. How I was diagnosed. 6. Why have I got OCD?. 7. How OCD affects school. 8. How OCD affects home. 9. How OCD affects friendships. 10. Treatments for OCDGǪ..Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). 11.Treatments for OCDGǪ..Medication. 12. How family and friends can help. 13. How I can be helped at school. Recommended reading, websites and organisations. Common obsessions and compulsions. Other disorders related to OCD.
It gives a very good overview for someone just beginning to understand the condition whether they are an adult or a child...for a young person who had previously felt lost and alone with these thoughts and behaviours, this could feel very reassuring and for many it may act as the first stepping stone towards engaging in treatment and working towards recovery.
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