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Exploring Depression, and Beating the Blues: A CBT Self-Help Guide to

Understanding and Coping with Depression in Asperger's Syndrome[ASD-Level 1}
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For people with ASDs, depression is common, and has particular features and causes. This outstanding book provides a comprehensive review of these aspects, and an effective self-help guide for anyone with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affected by depression.
Written by the leading experts in the field, the book explains and describes depression, the forms it can take, and how it looks and feels for a person on the autism spectrum. The authors draw on the latest thinking and research to suggest strategies for coping with the effects of depression and provide a complete step-by-step CBT self-help programme, designed specifically for individuals with ASDs. The programme helps increase self-awareness, including identifying personal triggers, and provides the tools to combat depression.

Introduction: Why we created the Exploring Depression Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) programme. 1. Why Does Someone with Aspergers Syndrome Become Depressed? 2. The Nature of Depression. 3. How Does Depression Look and Feel for a Person with Aspergers Syndrome? 4. What Type of Therapy Works for a Person with Aspergers Syndrome? 5. The Perception, Learning and Thinking Style Associated with Aspergers Syndrome. 6. Overview of the 10-Stage CBT Programme Exploring Depression. 7. Assessment Before Starting the Programme. 8. Stage 1: Qualities and Abilities. 9. Stage 2: What is Depression? 10. Stage 3: Tools to Combat Depression. 11. Stage 4: Art and Pleasure Tools. 12. Stage 5: Thinking Tools (part 1). 13. Stage 6: Thinking Tools (part 2) and Social Tools. 14. Stage 7: Thinking Tools (part 3) and Relaxation Tools. 15. Stage 8: Relaxation and Helpful and Unhelpful Tools. 16. Stage 9: A Safety Plan. 17. Stage 10: The Future. Recommended reading. Appendix 1. Bringing the Body into Awareness. Appendix 2. Positive Personality Adjectives. Appendix 3. Bringing the Five Senses into Awareness. Appendix 4. Daily Energy Account Form. Appendix 5. Websites/Blogspots/Support Information. Appendix 6. Relaxation for Self-awareness. Appendix 7. Time Machine Activity. Appendix 8. Mood Diary Dimensions.

A marvellous book that focuses on an important (and underserved) clinical problem. Full of practical advice the book offers many insights and approaches to intervention. It will be of great value to individuals with autism and Aspergers and those who support them.

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