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Different Kettle of Fish: A Day in the Life of a Physics Student with Au

Michael Barton is a final year student studying Physics at the University of Surrey, UK. He gives talks to a wide range of audiences about his experiences of being at the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum, emphasising the positive aspects and relating these to the traits that scientists exhibit. Michael is an accomplished musician, playing jazz piano, bass guitar, French horn, drums and percussion (including spoons) with a variety of bands. Michael is also the President of the University Judo club and is a keen rock climber. For more information see He lives in Guildford, UK.
Foreword by Delia Barton. Introduction. 1. Journey into the Unknown. 2. Would Alan Turing have passed the Turing Test?. 3. How long would a jumbo jet take to get to Pluto?. 4. Payment by Chicken. 5. Assorted Pig Organs. 6. The World is your Lobster. 7. Back in a Familiar World. Afterword. Glossary of Idioms.
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