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    Woodslane 2020 Australian Travel and Outdoor Guides

    100 Hut Walks in the Alps

    Routes for Day and Multi-Day Walks
    The third edition of this popular guidebook by alpine expert Kev Reynolds describes 100 day walks between the many excellent mountain huts of France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Slovenia, enabling reader to put together their own tours through this wonderful mountain chain. There are walks here to suit every taste and ability: from gentle and undemanding to long and tough, as well as all varieties of difficulty in-between. There are huts to suit every taste, too, from unmanned shelters to mountain inns with hot showers and restaurant service. Most of the routes avoid any climbing of a technical nature, beyond the odd scramble aided by a fixed rope. Most are circular routes, but there are also suggestions for some hut-to-hut tours. The walks are grouped by country and each route is illustrated with inspiring photos and a sketch map. Notes on hut etiquette, what to take and an English-French-German-Italian glossary are also included to help trekkers get the most out of their time in the Alps.
    Kev Reynolds is a freelance writer, photojournalist and lecturer whose first title for Cicerone Press (Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees) appeared in 1978 and is still in print. He has published many books on the Alps, a series of trekkers' guides to Nepal and, nearer to home, several guides on walking in southern England. A member of the Alpine Club, Austrian Alpine Club and the Outdoor Writers' Guild, he is also first honorary member of the British Association of European Mountain Leaders.
    Map Key; Overview Map; Introduction; Mountain Huts; Walking in the Alps; Paths and Waymarks; Safety in the Mountains; The Alpine Environment; Recommended Maps and Guides; Using this Guide; France; The French Alps; 1 Refuge de Valmasque (Maritime Alps); 2 Refuge des Merveilles (Maritime Alps); 3 Refuge de Nice (Maritime Alps); 4 Refuge de Cougourde (Maritime Alps); 5 Refuge de Gialorgues (Maritime Alps); 6 Refuge du Balif Viso (Dauphine Alps - Queyras Region); 7 Refuge des Bans (Dauphine Alps - Massif des ecrins); 8 Refuge du Pre de Chaumette (Dauphine Alps - Massif des ecrins); 9 Refuge de Vallonpierre (Dauphine Alps - Massif des ecrins); 10 Refuge du Glacier Blanc (Dauphine Alps - Massif des ecrins); 11 Refuge du Carrelet (Dauphine Alps - Massif des ecrins); 12 Refuge du Chatelleret (Dauphine Alps - Massif des ecrins); 13 Refuge de l'Orgere (Graian Alps - Vanoise National Park); 14 Refuge de l'Arpont (Graian Alps - Vanoise National Park); 15 Refuge d'Entre Deux Eaux (Graian Alps - Vanoise National Park); 16 Refuge de la Leisse (Graian Alps - Vanoise National Park); 17 Refuge du Col de la Vanoise (Graian Alps - Vanoise National Park); 18 Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme (Mont Blanc Range); 19 Refuge de Bellachat (Mont Blanc Range); 20 Refuge du Lac Blanc (Mont Blanc Range); Switzerland; The Swiss Alps; 21 Cabane du Mont-Fort (Pennine Alps); 22 Cabane de Chanrion (Pennine Alps); 23 Cabane des Dix (Pennine Alps); 24 Cabane des Aiguilles-Rouges (Pennine Alps); 25 Cabane de Moiry (Pennine Alps); 26 Cabane du Petit Mountet (Pennine Alps); 27 Tosch Hut (Pennine Alps); 28 Monte Rosa Hut (Pennine Alps); 29 Hurnli Hut (Pennine Alps); 30 Schunbiel Hut (Pennine Alps); 31 Mischabel Hut (Pennine Alps); 32 Britannia Hut (Pennine Alps); 33 Gelten Hut (Bernese Alps); 34 Wildhorn Hut (Bernese Alps); 35 Frunden Hut (Bernese Alps); 36 Blumlisalp Hut (Bernese Alps); 37 Balmhorn Hut (Bernese Alps); 38 Lutschenpass Hut (Bernese Alps); 39 Rottal Hut (Bernese Alps); 40 Schmadri Hut (Bernese Alps); 41 Weber Hut (Bernese Alps); 42 Burg Hut (Bernese Alps); 43 Damma Hut (Central Swiss Alps); 44 Chelenalp Hut (Central Swiss Alps); 45 Tresch Hut (Central Swiss Alps); 46 Windgollen Hut (Central Swiss Alps); 47 Capanna Basodino (Lepontine Alps); 48 Capanna Cristallina (Lepontine Alps); 49 Capanna Leit (Lepontine Alps); 50 Capanna Cadagno (Lepontine Alps); 51 Carschina Hut (Rotikon Alps); 52 Chamanna Tuoi (Silvretta Alps); 53 Blockhaus Cluozza (Bernina Alps - Swiss National Park); 54 Coaz Hut (Bernina Alps); 55 Boval Hut (Bernina Alps); 56 Albigna Hut (Bregaglia Alps); 57 Sasc-Furo Hut (Bregaglia Alps); 58 Sciora Hut (Bregaglia Alps); Italy; The Italian Alps; 59 Rifugio Benevolo (Gran Paradiso); 60 Rifugio F. Chabod (Gran Paradiso); 61 Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele (Gran Paradiso); 62 Rifugio Vittorio Sella (Gran Paradiso); 63 Rifugio Elisabetta (Mont Blanc Range); 64 Rifugio Bonatti (Mont Blanc Range); 65 Rifugio Luigi Brasca (Bregaglia Alps); 66 Rifugio A. Omio (Bregaglia Alps); 67 Rifugio C. Ponti (Bregaglia Alps); 68 Rifugio Longoni (Bernina Alps); 69 Rifugio Larcher (Ortler Alps); 70 Rifugio Mandrone (Adamello Group); 71 Rifugio Tuckett (Brenta Dolomites); 72 Rifugio Brentei (Brenta Dolomites); 73 Rifugio Puez (Dolomites - Puez-Odle Group); 74 Rifugio Vicenza (Dolomites - Sassolungo Group); 75 Rifugio Viel del Pan (Dolomites - Marmolada Group); 76 Rifugio Pian di Cengia (Sexten Dolomites); 77 Rifugio Locatelli (Sexten Dolomites); 78 Rifugio Vandelli (Dolomites - Sorapiss Group); Austria; The Austrian Alps; 79 Saarbrucker Hut (Silvretta Alps); 80 Wiesbadner Hut (Silvretta Alps); 81 Toschach Haus (utztal Alps); 82 Braunschweiger Hut (utztal Alps); 83 Innsbrucker Hut (Stubai Alps); 84 Bremer Hut (Stubai Alps); 85 Franz Senn Hut (Stubai Alps); 86 Starkenburger Hut (Stubai Alps); 87 Berliner Hut (Zillertal Alps); 88 Plauener Hut (Zillertal Alps); 89 Grutten Hut (Kaisergebirge); 90 Brechhornhaus (Kitzbuheler Alps); 91 Bochumer Hut (Kitzbuheler Alps); 92 Schunleiten Hut (Kitzbuheler Alps); 93 Burgl Hut (Kitzbuheler Alps); 94 Statzerhaus (Salzburger Schiefer Alps); 95 Salzburger Hut (Glockner Group); 96 Kals-Matreier-Turlhaus (Granatspitz Group); 97 Nassfeldhaus (Carnic Alps); 98 Julius-Seitner Hut (Turnitzer Alps); Slovenia; The Julian Alps; 99 Triglav Lakes Hut (Julian Alps); 100 Bogatinom Hut (Julian Alps); APPENDIX A Useful Addresses; APPENDIX B Suggested Equipment List; APPENDIX C Glossary; APPENDIX D Bibliography
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