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Social Care and Housing

Reviewing research on housing and social work and drawing out its implications for policy and practice, this volume emphasizes the relationship between the two services. For example, the amount and condition of housing stock, costs and planning permission can result in a housing shortage, with the consequences of which social workers have to deal. It is also argued that there is a connection between social work assessments and housing allocation policies. The papers examine urban and rural housing and poverty, homelessness among young people and women, and the effect of culture on family and tenure patterns. The findings of the text propose a closer relationship between housing and social work services, and a better integration of housing and care plans.
Boundaries of change for housing and social care, Ian Shaw et al; housing and poverty, Gill Stewart; assessing housing need, Chris Allen; joint planning - why we do not learn from the past, Christine Oldman; joint working - social work and housing agencies, David Wiseman and Jim Hayton; women and housing, Fran Wasoff and Vivienne Cree; culture, race and housing, Mono Chakrabarti; housing and support, Bridget Franklin; social work and young people's homelessness, Mark Drakeford and Howard Williamson.
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