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Public Inquiries into Abuse of Children in Residential Care

Vicki Roberts is a Research Assistant at the Liverpool John Moores University. She has research experience in a variety of health and social services settings in the voluntary sector and local government.
Introduction. - Public Inquiries into Residential Abuse of Children. 1. Setting the Context - A Brief History of Residential Care for Children. 2. Children, Society and Child Abuse. 3. Public Policy, Public Inquiries and Public Concern. 4. Inquiries into the Abuse of Children in the Community. 5. Institutional Abuse and Public Inquiries in the late 1980s and 1990s. 6. The Events Leading up to the North Wales Tribunal of Inquiry into Child Abuse. 7. The North Wales Tribunal of Inquiry - Issues of Process. 8. The North Wales Tribunal - Outcomes. 9. The Impact of Public Inquiries on Residential Care Now. 10. The Future of Inquiries into Residential Abuse. Appendix 1. A Table of Public Inquiries into Child Abuse from 1945 to present day. Appendix 2. Chronolgy of Events Leading up to Announcement of Tribunal of Inquiry. References. Index.
The title of this excellent book belies the breadth of its subject matterÂ…. The authors support the need for residential provision, and develop recommendations for the future from analyses of the past, making crucial observations which are, in fact, very relevant to the care of all needy and vulnerable individuals. They have produced and exceptionally important and enlightening work that should be required reading for all social work and public service professionals and will no doubt become a classic in its field.
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