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Life Wasn't Boring

Soldiering is a serious, frequently bloody business. That aspect has been documented endlessly. But behind the blood, thunder and de-humanising aspects of conflict are people - people in uniform and people supporting them. All of them have personal feelings and aspirations and they experience the humdrum assortment of daily occurrences that closely match those of their counterparts in civil society. Those aspects of their lives are not widely reported, or appreciated, and it is on those that this book has its focus. 'Life Wasn't Boring' relates the life, times, successes, failures and, most importantly, the personal inter-actions and loves of a professional infantry officer and his family, over more than a third of the century that was his service. Some parts are as serious as can be expected of a military account. Other parts might surprise, entertain and even amuse the reader. Together they hold up a mirror to reveal the human side of being a soldier.
Colin Groves is his family's first career soldier. A woeful academic record at school was just sufficient for him to qualify for officer training. Aged 19 on commissioning, it was immediately apparent that he had found his metier. Soldiering came easily to him. He made rapid progress through the ranks, commanding his battalion before holding senior operational and training appointments. He retired as a brigadier.
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