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Anatomy of Peace

Resolving the Heart of Conflict
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By the bestselling authors of Leadership and Self- Deception (more than 400,000 copies sold and translated into 18 languages), The Anatomy of Peace is a powerful and inspirational story about finding peace within ourselves and in our relationships - at home, at work, and in our communities. This book shows how we are often mistaken in our views of others and ourselves, and how we therefore often misread the cause of problems and fail to see how our situations can be improved. It also shows how we tend to incorrectly project blame onto external circumstances or onto other people, instead of looking inward and confronting the true source of our conflicts. Our hope for peace, both internal and external, depends most on our ability to overcome the war that has come to afflict our own hearts. Only by fostering a personal, inner peace can we find ways to resolve the conflicts and overcome the problems that are troubling our homes, our workplaces, or our communities. Woodslane are delighted to be offering it as a paperback original exclusive to the Australian and New Zealand Markets.

The Arbinger Institute is a worldwide institute that helps organisations, families, individuals and communities to solve the problems that have been created by the little-known but pervasive problem of self-deception - the problem of not knowing and resisting the possibility that one has a problem. Arbingers materials educate people about the problem of self-deception, and Arbingers methodologies help people to overcome it. 


  • Part I: The Heart of Peace
  • Part II: From Peace to War
  • Part III: From War to Peace
  • Part IV: Spreading Peace


About the Arbinger Institute

This book offers a unique solution to the conflicts that cause so much pain in our lives and in the world. 

" In this day of whirlwind confusion and intense disconnection, The Anatomy of Peace is a divine prescription. More than just a book to read or an idea to consider, it is a life raft for the countless many who are suffering in silence and drowning in fear." Iyania Vanzant, author of "Yesterday, I Cried"

Phenomenal...compelling...vivid...poignant. This is a book that every manager, teacher, advisor and parent should read and apply." Steven C. Wheelwright, Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School

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