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Leadership & Self Deception Australian Edition

Getting Out of the Box

The Arbinger Institute, is a group of scholars, business leaders, and professionals, who have set out to provide a new solution to the age-old problem of self-deception. Leadership and Self-Deception reveals that there are only two ways for leaders to be: the source of leadership problems or the source of leadership success. The authors examine this surprising truth, identify self- deception as the underlying cause of leadership failure. Through an entertaining and highly instructive story Leadership and Self- Deception clearly demonstrates how people can stop undermining themselves and what amazing things happen when they do-freely and fully putting to work all the behavioural skills, systems, and techniques that will bring success to them and their organizations. While other books cover useful people skills, techniques, and systems of leadership, this one goes deeper, fully illuminating the source of what makes truly effective leadership.

The Arbinger Institute is a worldwide management training and consulting firm and scholarly consortium that works to apply the sweeping implications of self-deception and its solution to all aspects of organisational, community and family life.

  • Preface (Australian Edition)
  • Preface
  • Part I: ¬†Self Deception and the "Box" - Bud; A Problem; Self-Deception; The Problem Beneath Other Problems; Beneath Effective Leadership; The Deep Choice That Determines Influence; People or Objects; Doubt
  • Part II: How We get in the Box - Kate; Questions; Self- Betrayal; Characteristics of Self-Betrayal; Life in the Box; Collusion; Box Focus; Box Problems
  • Part III: How We Get out of the Box - Lou; Leadership in the Box; Toward Being out of the Box; Dead Ends; The Way Out; Leadership out of the Box; Birth of a Leader; Another Chance
  • About the Arbinger Institute
  • Postscript
  • Index

Bestselling title with more than half a million copies sold

An entertaining and highly-instructive story

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