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Blokes' Health 2

A doctor's guide to the 3 Ds, depression, diabetes and dicks!
We all want to live as long and as healthy as we can, with a good quality of life. In this book Dr Bernie Crimmins outlines the main health problems that affect men and gives some simple advice on how to prevent, or detect early, those particular diseases which may lead to an early demise, with a particular focus on depression, diabetes and male genitalia and its vagaries. The main aim of this book is to keep it short and simple, to give the reader a stepping stone to take their health seriously and do it for themselves!
Bernie Crimminsis a general practitioner with a special interest in men’s health. Bernie has been a doctor for over 30 years including Club Doctor to the Hawthorn Football Club where he is a Life Member. Bernie continues to compete at sport, including football and swimming, while also taking time for a drink and yarn with his mates.
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