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Camping Guide to Tasmania updated 4e

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Experience the very best camping destinations in Tasmania with this full-colour, fully updated and detailed directory to over 200 campsites. It has a comprehensive listing of more than 50 parks, forests and reserves where you can pitch your tent, roll out your swag or unhitch your van. This edition provides concise and accurate details to camping areas throughout the state, including some of Australias most celebrated bush and mountain areas such as Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair and Freycinet National Parks.

Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage have travelled extensively throughout Australia, visiting some of the very best camping destinations secreted away across this vast country.

They are the authors of numerous bestselling titles on Australian bush travel.

  • About the Authors
  • Regional Map of Tasmania
  • How to use this Guide
  • Camping in Tasmania
  • Getting to Tasmania
  • Planning: Maps, Passes and Permits; Fire Warnings and Restrictions; Greywater and Sullage Dump Sites; Treading Softly on Tasmania; What to Pack; Useful Resources and Contacts
  • The North-East and Flinders Island: Regional Map; Campsite Listing
  • The South-East and Bruny Island: Regional Map; Campsite Listing
  • The South-West Wilderness: Regional Map; Campsite LIsting
  • The Rugged North-West: Regional Map; Campsite Listing
  • The Central Highland Lakes: Regional Map; Campsite LIsitng
  • Roadside Rest Areas
  • Touring Maps
  • Parks, Forests, Reserves and Campsite Index
  • Campsite Index
  • The bestselling guide to over 180 campsites
  • Includes new touring and regional maps
  • Fully updated 4th edition
  • Detailed information on facilities
  • Full state-wide coverage

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