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The Wise Enterprise

Reshape your organisation for the age of uncertainty
We live in an era of incredible achievements in science and technology. We are more knowledgeable and powerful than ever, but the future feels more uncertain than ever. Success in business today is more challenging than ever. To be successful in the age of uncertainty, organisations must make the right decisions – the margins of error are narrowing. The wisdom of those decisions will determine their future. Wiser decisions are what organisations need to thrive in the age of uncertainty. The Wise Enterprise brings together a set of capabilities that are essential for professionals who want to contribute to the wisdom of their organisations. These capabilities can be applied by any professional to solve any problem. If you are a sales executive, you can use this wisdom to figure out how to increase growth. If you are marketing executive, you can use it to figure out how to reduce agency engagement. If you are an HR leader, you can use it to figure out how to find the right people and retain talent. If you are a project, program, or portfolio manager, you can use it to mobilise your workforce to achieve the desired outcomes within the desired parameters. The hype around the rich variety of methods, frameworks, and “solutions” has only created chaos and confusion, with many organisations jumping from method to method running transformation program after transformation program, only to realise few tangible benefits from their efforts. Agile, DevOps, Lean, Design Thinking, Business Agility, Customer Centricity, Product Mindset, Customer Journey, Teal Organisation, Growth Hacking, and Digital Transformation are examples of buzzwords propagating the organisational improvement space. To be wise, organisations need to learn how to tell hype from reality and to master the following four essential capabilities. 1. Systems thinking: To widen our perspective and look at the world more holistically. 2. Emotional intelligence: To work more effectively with people. To take control of our own emotions and influence those of others. 3. Leadership: To set superior visions and create an environment where people can be at their best, moving the organisation towards that vision. 4. Organisational transformation: To create environments that promote creativity, collaboration, teamwork, proactivity, innovation, and commitment. This is not a theoretical book; it is filled with practical examples and hands-on practices. As you read The Wise Enterprise you will learn skills that can be used the next day in the office and make a difference in your organisation.
Arash Arabi is a globally recognised transformation consultant, international speaker, entrepreneur, and Taekwondo world champion. His mission is to equip professionals with the capabilities essential to becoming star performers in their organisations. Arash is an extraordinary coach, trainer, and facilitator known for running exceptionally engaging and inspirational sessions. He is also a member of the International Coaching Federation.
* There are too many “solutions” available today claiming to help professionals improve their organisations. But we don’t see much change as these solutions are usually superficial and don’t get deep enough. This book is intended to get below the surface and address the issues at their root cause. * This book is littered with practical examples and hands-on practices. * The book provides a new perspective of looking at the world, and will help readers build capabilities that will set them apart from the other professionals in their organisation. * This book is a fun read while thought provoking * YouTube video ads * I have 11k followers on LinkedIn and intend to promote the book on LinkedIn via LinkedIn blogs on weekly basis. * Book website * Google ads * Engaging a PR company for media release * Ongoing blogging on my website
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