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Raising a Mentally Fit Generation

Science-based tool & strategies to build resilience & wellbeing in ourkids

It seems extraordinary to need to talk about how we can promote good mental health in our children. Childhood is supposed to be an untroubled time in life, free from the stresses and burdens of adulthood and pressures of the modern world. As parents, we often assume that our kids innately have good mental health habits that will help prepare them for handling life’s inevitable challenges. Regrettably, this is not the case. The nature of children’s health around the world is changing. Over time our daily habitual behaviours and thoughts create who we are. As parents, and other significant adults in children’s lives, it’s our responsibility to help our children develop positive, healthy habits of mind that foster resilience and wellbeing so they can flourish and thrive. For the past 25 years Kari Sutton has taken emerging research and translates it into simple, practical strategies and tools that parents can implement in their day to day lives to sow the seeds of psychological wellbeing in their children and help them develop habits that will last a lifetime. Being mentally fit can help prevent mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression from occurring. Mentally fit kids feel better in themselves, are more creative, and can deal with stressful situations such as bullying or exams more calmly and with less anxiety. Educating our children about the importance of mental wellbeing will help us to raise a mentally fit generation.

Kari Sutton is a speaker, author, educator and parent. She has helped over 25,000 parents, families and educators plant the seeds of resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental fitness for future generations. She provides readers and audiences with practical, easy to implement, evidence-based strategies, tools, and mindsets that foster children’s positive mental health and is on a mission to change the conversation about how we promote and protect our children’s mental health and wellbeing.

* This book explains how we can help young children develop mental fitness habits that are the precursor to resilience and psychological wellbeing and teach them the protective skills and tools they need to deal with challenges before they need them. * The Australian Childhood Foundation found that 56% of parents lack confidence in their parenting and are deeply concerned for their children’s wellbeing. * Primary school principals have identified that children as young as five are suffering with anxiety and self-harming and admit they and their staff are struggling to respond. ‘Raising a Mentally Fit Generation’ takes key findings from the new field of “positive psychology” and combines them with valuable knowledge from developmental cognitive neuroscience and emotional intelligence, to provide parents and educators with evidence-based strategies and ideas that are grounded in science. * It is filled with practical, easy to implement strategies, tools and activities, most of which don’t cost a lot of money or take a considerable amount of time. * Social media pre-launch publicity campaign. * Official book launch being planned with contacts in media being invited. * Speaking tours of Regional, Rural and Remote Australia, once COVID restrictions are lifted. * Promotion through my connections and networks e.g. Megan Dalla-Camina (my book coach), Sue Langley from the Langley Group (a mentor), Paula Robinson etc. * Utilising Camp Quality contacts to help with publicity as I am donating 10% of each sale to Camp Quality. * Campaign to get 100,000 parents, carers and educators who are dedicated to improving our kids mental fitness – run through Facebook and Instagram.

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