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Building a powerful, engaged and connected home based team
There are more people working from home than ever before and it may be a trend that is only going to continue to grow. But it’s not that easy. You need a lot more than a desk, laptop, and an internet connection. Many people think that the burden of making a work from home arrangement successful falls on the employee. However, the employer also has a lot of responsibility for ensuring that employees are cared for physically and mentally and it’s time employers were supported with a framework to create a workplace that supports working from home arrangements. Homeforce provides guidance to business owners and managers who want to make this transition successfully for the long term. In order to truly be successful, employers need to go beyond the tools and tech and consider the foundations of the employment relationship. What expectations do they have of the employees? How are they going to manage the relationship at a distance? What impact will work from home arrangements have on the entire workplace culture? Only by providing appropriate systems and support for all involved will an employer truly see the benefits of working from home arrangements. Employers reading this book will be left with a clear framework to follow to ensure that any working from home arrangements are set up as best as possible for both employees and the business. Everything from considering which roles and which employees are suited to work from home, to the training and resources needed to ensure success.
Jo Alilovic has been an employment lawyer for 20 years. In that time, she’s worked with hundreds of business owners across Australia to help them go from people problems to teams that get results. Her work involves helping implement strategic direction, creating foundational employment documents and training managers how to effectively communicate with their people. When the coronavirus pandemic hit Australia, she assisted hundreds of business owners work to work through the business challenges including the race to implement work from home arrangements for their teams. As a business owner of a completely virtual law practice, Jo knows what it is like to manage a dispersed team. She’s seen the value of these arrangements for business and employee alike and is ready to help other business leaders build powerful, engaged and connected home-based teams. Jo is also a business owner, podcaster, mother of 3 and flexible work advocate. She manages her business and her remote team from her home in Western Australia.
* This book is on point for the current Covid-19 pandemic and the number of people now working from home. It will also be relevant after the coronavirus pandemic as businesses and employees look at new ways of working. * This book is unique because it is targeting the business owner/manager who is responsible for creating and managing home-based teams, rather than targeting employees or individuals as most other working from home books do. * Jo Alilovic has almost 20 years of experience as an employment lawyer and understands the legal risks of getting work from home arrangements wrong. Jo has also been personally working from home for the majority of the last five years, and manages a remote team who all work from home. This means I’m able to give both professional and practical advice on moving through the challenges and avoiding the legal, business and personal issues that can arise. * Hiring a PR specialist. * Book launch in Perth. Ask a large business (ideal client e.g. RSM) to sponsor it (hold it in their boardroom, purchase some books for their clients). * Guest on podcasts, e.g. pitching to: Business Over Breakfast, Small Business Big Marketing, Kochie’s Business Builders, Future 2, My Business podcast, Doing Law Differently (with Lucy), The Few Who Do (SBS), Lady Startup, Content Sells/Her Business – Suzi Dafnis, My Business Podcast. * Has own podcast: The Juggle podcast with over 100 episodes and 65,000 downloads. * Social Media - Post about the book journey on my LinkedIn page, and Facebook. * Groups: Post about the book in relevant FB Group e.g. Business Chicks, DENT, my The Juggle Community group, etc. * Online Media – e.g. Women’s Agenda and Business Chicks – I am a member and will ask them to feature the book. * Partnership collaborations – e.g. Law Societies across Australia, ALPMA, College of Law, Chambers of Commerce and Industry Australian Human Resources Institute, Australian Institute of Company Directors. * Promoting with online influencers such as: Clarissa Rayward and Lucy Dickens on Doing Law Differently.
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