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With the Mounted Police in the Australian Wilds
MAN TRACKS tells of stirring episodes in the pursuit, of lawbreakers in the primitive lands. Every chapter is authentic. Patrols through the Kimberleys, the wild Fitzmaurice River country, the nor'-west of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Central Australia; each incident recorded from the lips of the pursuers and pursued whether white, black, or brown..The book contains remarkable stories of the methods of aboriginal trackers, given exactly as they worked on each case. Nothing like these tracking chapters has ever been attempted in book form before.
Ion Idriess (1889—1979) is one of Australia's best-loved writers, with fifty-six books to his credit and millions of copies sold. When he returned from the First World War he wrote The Desert Column, about his experiences with the 5th Light Horse. Prospecting for Gold was his first major successful work; it immediately sold out and was reprinted constantly in the following years, as were many of his books. Idriess spent much of his life travelling throughout Australia, collecting material for his true-life stories, including Flynn of the Inland, The Red Chief and Nemarluk. He was awarded the O.B.E. in 1968 for his contribution to Australian literature.
* Great stories of West Australian life with the Aboriginals 100 years ago. * Important history of the Kimberlys. * Out of print 60 years, now in its 23rd edition illustrated.
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