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A Coral Eden

Paul Wenz was born in France in 1869, lived in Australia, and wrote stories dealing mainly with his Australian experiences for the French. He wrote ten books from 'Nanima', his homestead in Forbes, New South Wales, including two collections of short stories and four Australian novels. He also translated Jack London and Joseph Conrad, both who came to visit him in Australia. Diary of a New Chum and Other Lost Stories contains many stories never before published in English, and includes correspondence with authors such as Andre Gide, Miles Franklin and Christopher Brennan. Always the very essence of the Australia of Wenz's period, Diary of a New Chum sparkles with irony and psychological insight and represents Paul Wenz at his powerful best. Introduced and translated by Maurice Blackman.
Paul Wenz was born in 1869 into a wealthy French wool-buying family. He first visited Australia in 1892 and decided to settle in New South Wales in 1898. He married an Australian, Harriet Dunne, and took up a large property on the Lachlan River between Forbes and Cowra. Before the First World he published a number of short stories written in French and set mostly in Australia; in 1908 his only work written in English. Diary of a New Chum, was published in Melbourne. He visited Europe regularly and served as a liaison officer in France during the war. From 1919 to 1931 he published four novels, some memoirs and more short stories, all of which were published in Paris. He became more involved in Australian literary life during this period, but because he wrote in French he remained unknown to all but a few until his death in Forbes in 1939.
* Life in Sydney and on a isolated island off Queensland around 1910. * A French classic published in English for the first time. * Reviews and notices, radio in Queensland.
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