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Bony at Bermagui

Arthur Upfield's Aboriginal detective Bony features in 29 novels, and this book holds a "lost" Bony story - angling off Bermagui, along with several rarely seen Upfield pieces on Big Game Fishing in Australian, hunting for Marlin and Swordfish, as well as a memory piece on Bermagui - where he fished very succesfully in the 1930s, and where he lived in the 1950s - and wrote The Mystery of Swordfish Reef. Illustrated with unseen photographs from the Upfield family album, this is almost as satisfying as catching fish!
* A new Upfield, featuring a lost Bony story, personal photographs from the family albums, and great Upfield tales of fishing for Marlin and Swordfish off the shores of Bermagui. * Reviews and interviews with Upfield's grandson, William Upfield, living in Melbourne.
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