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The Unlikely Ukrainian Hero Who Defied Putin and United the World

From the most famous comedic actor in Ukraine to the most famous political hero in the world today, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky became the unlikely hero of our time. He led and inspired his country—and the entire free world—in the fight against the Russian invasion that began in February 2022, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin became a war criminal. This war, the first recorded in real time and broadcast on TV and across social media, will have long lasting consequences, but Zelensky’s stature will never diminish.
In Zelensky, authors Andrew L. Urban and Chris McLeod deliver a concise profile of the man who became the leader who captured headlines and won hearts worldwide. Covering his childhood, family history, and unusual journey from comedian and actor to the first Jewish President of Ukraine, this is the inspiring story of Volodymyr Zelensky, the Servant of the People. 

Andrew L. Urban’s first novel, If You Promise Not To Tell was nominated in the inaugural Ned Kelly Awards for Best First Crime Fiction. His first non-fiction book, Murder by the Prosecution explored several wrongful convictions and was described by Margaret Cunneen SC as a troubling expose. He has published the online Wrongful Convictions Report since 2018. Since 1985, before turning his journalistic attention to miscarriages of justice (prompted by the Eve Ash documentary Shadow of Doubt), Andrew was a prolific film journalist and covered the Cannes Film Festival for 20 years for both screen trade publications and mainstream media. He was Channel Host on World Movies for five years. He co-published with his wife Louise, the online movie magazine Urban Cinefile for 20 years. During his lifelong career as a journalist, he has had over 2,000 freelance articles published in a variety of publications in Australia and internationally. Andrew conceived and presented Front Up, a weekly series on SBS TV that ran from 1992–2003/04. Andrew has profound empathy with Ukrainians: in 1956, with his mother and stepfather, he fled from Russian tanks during the Hungarian Revolution. Chris McLeod is a former newspaper journalist and executive. He was Foreign Editor and News Editor at the Newcastle Morning Herald
and News Editor at the Melbourne Herald. He is an author and researcher for with an interest in sport, transport and mystery. His bookazines include World’s Best Golf Courses, Worlds Best Trains, Elite Special Forces and Unsolved – terror crimes and accidents. He is the co-author of Barty: Arise, Queen of Oz.

* He stayed, he fought, he conquered. The first major profile of Ukraine’s courageous President Volodymyr Zelensky. From comedian to president to freedom fighter, this is the story of Volodymyr Zelensky, the man who stood up to Vladimir Putin and forever changed the world.
* A timely book and powerful overview of Zelensky’s unlikely rise from much-loved comedian to the Presidential office and his leadership during the Russian invasian of Ukraine. Includes background detail of the history between Russia and Ukraine; a timeline of the history of Ukraine including foreign domination, the 20th century, and the arrival of independence and democracy in the 1990s; how fiction became reality—the birth of Zelensky as a political figure through his role in Servant of the People, a TV satire series on politics in Ukraine; highlights from his speeches including to the European Parliament and right up to his virtual address to US Congress on 16 March 2022; the worldwide response to the invasion and Zelenskys leadership, and more.
* Includes a chapter on the new war propaganda: how Ukraine and Russia are using social media to write their narrative and rally their people.
* Audience: Ukrainians at home and abroad, politicians and political leaders, observers and academics of world affairs, journalists and media producers, readers interested in inspiring biographies and the war genre.
* Foreword by Rebekah Koffler, author of Putin’s Playbook: Russias Secret Plan to Defeat America.
* National coverage in newspapers, TV including Sky News, radio including ABC Radio National, 2GB and 3AW, and social media campaign.
* 08/05 – 2GB The Chris Smith Show interview with Andrew Urban.
* 02/06 - 3AW Nights with Denis Walter -

* The Age -

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