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La Trobe

The Life and Times of the First Governor of Victoria

Every man and his dog has heard of La Trobe. But just who was Charles Joseph La Trobe? He is at once a household name and a mystery man. A man vilified by his opponents, and misunderstood by his modern admirers. This lavishly illustrated biography uncovers the man behind the public name, as not only an important colonial figure but an author and artist. Traces his globetrotting early years and struggles as Governor in Victoria during the goldrush to his eventual blindness in old age. Filled with interesting colonial illustrations and his personal correspondence.

Distinguished scholar in the field of Australian literature who has made a special study of Joseph Furphy and now also in the field of colonial history. Emeritus Professor of English at La Trobe University.

2017 is jubilee anniversary for La Trobe University; pivotal figure in Australian history; first comprehensive biography; lavishly illustrated 

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