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Excuse Me, Captain Cook

Who did discover Australia?
Special anniversary edition, celebrating 250 years since Captain Cook came to Australia. This highly informative children's picture book tells the whole story of explorers discovering Australia from many lands, beginning with the Aborigines, finishing with Captain Cook. Illustrated with fun pictures. Includes timeline and index.

Melbourne cartoonist and educator Michael Salmon is well known for The Pirate who Wouldnt Wash, and many other books including The Monster that Ate Canberra. Hes also known from childrens TV and his travels to schools and libraries.

* Fun for adults to read to children. * Accurate historical research. * Colourful illustrations. * New edition for 250th anniversary. * Starting with the Aborigines, Excuse me Captain Cook follows up seafarers from China, Portugal, Holland, France, England and other countries, up to Captain Cook’s arrival exactly 250 years ago. It introduces big names such as William Dampier and Abel Tasman, and comes with an index and timeline listing all the main arrivals. * Radio interviews. Facebook campaign aimed at teachers and parents. Events once they're allowed. * Previous editions were very successful in bookstores, libraries and primary schools in the 80s and 90s. This colourful revised edition, celebrating the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s arrival, is even better.

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