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The Case that Stopped a Nation

The Archibald Prize Controversy of 1944

A lively and thorough telling of one of Australia’s greatest front page scandals, involving key figures of the nation’s art movement, politicians and business leaders, with William Dobell and Joshua Smith caught in the middle. Whilst World War II raged overseas, Australia’s Archibald Prize, the wealthiest portrait prize in the world, drew huge crowds and torrents of gossip. This big illustrated book details the bizarre court case, the cast of odd characters and the aftermath, with informative context.

Dr Peter Edwell is a senior lecturer in the Department of History and Archaeology at Macquarie University. Honing his skills as a Late Antique historian was invaluable training for the researching and writing of The Case that Stopped a Nation. With a family connection to Australian art and the Dobell controversy itself, the topic has always fascinated him and the opportunity to write a book on this important event in Australian history for the first time was irresistible.

* Released to coincide with Archibald prize centenary, Australias biggest art prize, features Australias most prominent artists, eye catching art. * Mary Edwards is a real-life protagonist readers love to hate.

* Interviews, media release and review copies, media campaign to coincide with the Archibald Prize season.
* This Saturday, 12/2/22, the book will be Non-fiction "Pick of the Week" in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. 
* On Jan 8 it was featured in “Culture Club” in the Brisbane Courier Mail

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