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The Possibly True Story of Martin Gardiner

Based on the true events of 19th century Australia's most enigmatic mathematician The Possibly True Story of Martin Gardiner is the engaging account of the highly intelligent Martin Gardiner, and his scandalous departures from morality. During his time, Martin Gardiner was Australia's most published mathematician, and one of society's most promising members—this did not however save him from the failings of his own cold character, and the various scandals he found himself in. Drawing upon decades of experience as a mathematician and historian, Cohen expertly weaves Martin Gardiner alive with imaginative verve and meticulous research, revealing a man at once intellectually brilliant and utterly deplorable. Compelling, dark and entirely fascinating, The Possibly True Story of Martin Gardiner is a one of a king "warts and all" novel, that flaunts Cohen's mastery of subject and ingenuity in that it is able to simultaneously boast of factual authenticity and rampant imagination.
Former maths professor Graeme Cohen has written more than 60 journal articles and four tertiary texts, including A Course in Modern Analysis and its Applications for the Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series (Cambridge University Press 2003, Harbin Institute of Technology Press 2021). He also has an MA in history, and is the author of Australia’s leading history of mathematics, Counting Australia In (Halstead 2006). In 2020, he published a bibliography of Australian mathematics to 1960, including all graduate mathematics theses completed in Australia. He was born in Sydney in 1943, and studied mathematics at post-graduate level at the universities of Sydney and New South Wales. His research interests include elementary computational number theory and the applications of mathematics to sport.
* Convoluted character who is cold brilliant and flawed. * Front cover endorsement from Blanche D’Alpuget. * 4 glowing reviews on back cover. * Epilogue ties the fiction into its true historical finale. * Meticulously researched, authentic and historical. * Unique play with fact and fiction. * Transports readers back into 19th century Queensland, Victoria and NSW.

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