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Australian Flour Bag Labels Between the Wars

Colourful brands and packaging erupted in the 1920s and 30s, when tariffs killed flour exports to Europe. Australian manufacturers courted Asian markets with fun and exciting new labelling.
Junk brand, Hand brand, Relief brand, “Girl and Dragon”, “Fighting Cock”, “Two Boys”, “Parachute”, “Banana” and “Koala (Native Bear)” are just a few of dozens of brands of Australian export flour.
Imaginations ran wild as local mills promoted their product with illustrated labels in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, occasionally Latin.
BRANDED displays a dazzling array of fabulous flourbags. Labels were illustrated with Eastern and Western motifs drawn from mythology, technology and sport. Plants and animals include wombats, elephants, prawns, dragons and goats. There are ships, yachts, electric lights and knights in shining armour.
This big illustrated hardback explains the thinking and symbolism behind all that rampant creativity. It also includes detailed contemporary photos of busy Asian marts and ports.

PAUL ASHTON is a leading historian, author of over 40 books for adults and young readers, and professor of Public History at UTS. He lives in Sydney.
JESS JENNINGS is one of the founders of the new Australian Milling Museum, which has headquarters at historic Tremain’s Mill in Bathurst, and outreach in other parts of Australia. He is a Councillor on Bathurst City Council.

* Released in conjunction with the opening of the new Australian Milling Museum; lavishly illustrated art history; visually striking design and content.
* Potential radio interviews, press release, media copies sent out

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