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    Special Forces in Action H/C

    Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, Balkans
    • ISBN-13: 9781925275131
    • Publisher: BIG SKY PUBLISHING
    • Author: Stilwell, Alexander
    • Price: AUD 29.99
    • Stock: 829 in stock
    • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
    • Local release date: 04/06/2015
    • Format: Hardback (240mm X 189mm) 224 pages Weight: 920g
    • Categories: Military history [HBW]
    In 1991 Coalition forces liberated Kuwait after its brief occupation by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. In 2011, US Navy SEALs flew covertly into Pakistan and assassinated Osama bin Laden at his hideaway. In 2014, special forces fought ISIS in Syria in an effort to rescue journalist James Foley and other hostages. In 25 years, elite military formations have played an increasingly important role in the policing of the modern world. Special Forces in Action is a detailed account of the operations of the world’s special forces over the past 25 years. From the First Gulf War to the covert operations of special forces in Somalia, Sierra Leon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria today, this book brings the reader full details of the often clandestine activities of the world’s most elite soldiers. The invasion of Iraq, the search for war criminals in the Balkans, drug baron hunting in South America, hostage rescues in Africa, and the counterterrorist initiatives since 9/11 the special forces role is always expanding. With an authoritative text and rare photographs, the book is a highly illustrated guide to the recent operations of these most secretive – and successful – soldiers.
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