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    Anzac Cove to Afghanistan

    The History of the 3rd Brigade
    • ISBN-13: 9781925275551
    • Publisher: BIG SKY PUBLISHING
    • Author: Wahlert, Glenn
    • Price: AUD 39.95
    • Stock: 233 in stock
    • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
    • Local release date: 23/11/2015
    • Format: Hardback (247mm X 175mm) 396 pages Weight: 1160g
    • Categories: Military history [HBW]
    Training for War encapsulates one hundred years of the history of Headquarters 1st Division and the Deployable Joint Force Headquarters. During that time the Headquarters has commanded subordinate formations and units; soldiers; and assets. They all have a place in this story as do many distinguished Australians who have had a close association with the Division, either commanding it or holding senior positions there. This study looks at the organisation’s high water mark in World War One as well as quieter times between the world wars, before the tempo picks up again in the period closer to our own time. As with any military formation it cannot be studied in isolation from politics and policy and so reference is made to wider events in the Australian political and Defence environment. For those wanting new insights into one of the Australian Army’s most historic divisions this work should satisfy their needs.
    First comprehensive work of the history of Headquarters 1st Division. • 100 years of History covered. • Full colour supported by numerous maps, tables and diagrams. Marketing Highlights: • National PR campaign targeting Australia’s leading • Military – History Magazines and Journals – physical and online. • Advertised in trade publications – InCite Magazine, Good Reading and B+P Magazine. • Mainstream Capital City newspaper book reviews and ABC local and national radio for author interviews.
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