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4WD Glovebox Guide

Essential driving skills and recovery techniques
Table of

This easy-to-follow reference shares the essential driving and recovery techniques that all four-wheel drive owners need to know. With a rugged cover and spiral binding, the guide is small enough to pop into the glovebox of any 4WD vehicle, but comprehensive enough to cover all the essentials about 4WD driving, including 4WD systems, suspension, wheels and tyres. Discover specific driving techniques for mud, water, sand and rock; learn why steep hills are often the most perilous of four-wheel drive situations and get yourself out of trouble with clear recovery techniques. Each chapter include simple checklists to help drivers prepare for the trip, and ensure the safety of both driver and passengers.

Robert Pepper is a freelance motoring journalist, author, photographer and driver trainer based in Melbourne, specialising in offroad vehicles and navigation. His first book, GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia, was first published in 2002 and ran for a second edition.The 4WD Handbook is his second book, first published in 2010, revised in 2012 and now into its second edition in 2014, and the companion 4WD Glovebox Guide has been adopoted as a student handout by several offroad driver training organisations. Robert has had over 500 articles published in 20 magazines and newspapers in Australia and around the world, has twice judged Overlander 4WD magazine’s 4WDOTY annual awards, is the Australian correspondent for 4X4 Magazine and has edited the 4X4 Gear Guide.

  1. What is 4wd?
  2. How a 4wd works;
  3. Basic driving techniques;
  4. Dirt road driving;
  5. Mud driving
  6. Rock driving
  7. Sand driving
  8. Water crossing
  9. Hill driving
  10. Recovery planning
  11. Snatch recovery
  12. Jacking
  13. Winching
  14. Traction ramps and bridging ladders
  15. Trip preparation
  16. Managing the trip
  17. People, fatigue and the environment
  18. Navigation
  19. Tyre repair
  20. In an emergency
  21. About the author
  22. Appendices
  23. Index
  • Understand the essentials about how 4WDs work, including transmissions, electronic driving aids and tyres
  • Discover specific driving techniques for mud, water, sand and rock
  • Get yourself out of trouble, with essential recovery techniques
  • Learn why steep hills are often the most perilous of four-wheel drive situations, and discover how to navigate this type of terrain safely
  • Prepare and execute a winch recovery
  • Work through simple checklists to prepare for your trip, and plan for the safety of yourself and your passengers

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