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Telling it Like it Is

In Telling It Like It Is, American-born Iranian Australian opinion columnist Rita Panahi explores the issues and hot topics of the day. This collection of articles spans several years and features Rita’s piercing analysis and thoughts on wide-ranging topics including the increasing issue of the hypocrisy of political correctness in Australia; new-age parenting; the plight of women under Islam, conduct and curriculum in State and Islamic schools; terrorism; sharia law; animal cruelty and abuse; modern feminism; Australian values and racism; border protection and refugees; gun violence and reform; and much more. Rita fights back against the current assault on free speech felt in Australia and confronts the hard topics head-on. Her opinions may at times be controversial but she never apologises for telling it like is.
Rita Panahi is a columnist for the Herald Sun and features in other News Limited publications across Australia including the Daily Telegraph. She is the host of The Friday Show and co-host of Outsiders as well as a panellist on a number of other Sky News programs. She can be heard on the Macquarie network of stations across the country including 2GB, 3AW and 4CB.
1. Rita has a wide audience across the Herald Sun newspaper, Sky network, and over 180,000 Twitter followers. 2. Rita's book addresses a number of hot topics that always draws an audience and disucssion, including women under Islam, modern feminism, and whether Australian values are under attack. 3. This is a collection of Rita's favourite and most controversial articles and should attrack a similar audience to the top selling collections by Andrew Bolt and Mark Latham, previously published by Wilkinson Publishing.
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