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A Complete Guide to Australian Frogs

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Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique frogs, from colourful burrowing frogs, to frogs with ‘hip-pockets’ and even some that can turn their stomach into a womb. A Complete Guide to Frogs of Australia provides a detailed account of all 246 currently recognised species and subspecies and, for the first time, provides explicit points of identification on how to tell each species apart from all others for which they might be confused. Each entry is illustrated with a photograph and distribution map and includes information on habitat, calls, reproduction and status. This comprehensive and spectacular guide is a must-have for anyone with an interest in Australian frogs, from amateur enthusiast to professional scientist alike.

Simon Clulow is a biologist working in a variety of research fields including ecology, conservation, evolution and reproduction in terrestrial vertebrates. He is passionate about amphibians and these often form the core models for Simon’s research, which has led him to work in the Amphibian Research Laboratory. His research projects involve long-term field work collecting significant data sets to explain ecological and evolutionary processes over time. The conservation of Australia’s unique fauna is also a major driver for Simon’s work.

Mike Swan has spent a lifetime involved in natural history and cannot remember a time when he has not been interested in reptiles and amphibians. He is a well-known Australian naturalist, author and photographer. Mike has spent many years working with Zoos Victoria as a senior reptile keeper at Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary.

Pelodrydidae / tree frogs
Limnodynastidae / foam-nesting ground frogs
Myobatrachidae / ground frogs
Microhylidae / narrow-mouthed frogs
Ranidae / true frogs
Bufonidae / true toads

- An indispensable guide to Australias fascinating frog species

- Packed with information about their behavior, development, food, and habitat.

- Each entry fully describes the species and its way of life.

- Includes full colour photographs

-  This is a handy family reference or a guide for the bushwalker or traveler.
- Covers 246 species within the five main frog families 
- Closely related frogs are shown in identical poses so that comparisons can be made readily

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