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The Perfect Puppy


The Perfect Puppy is about Logan, a German shepherd puppy with a floppy ear. He lives on a farm and on the first day of autumn, the puppies are ready to be taken by a new human family into their forever homes, but because Logan looks different, no one is choosing him. He thinks the only way he will be chosen is if he looks like the other puppies, so he puts his floppy ear through a toilet roll to make it stand up, but when people see him they point and laugh and no one chooses him. Logan decides that if he cant change how he looks then he will change who he is completely: he will be another animal. He goes about the farm visiting all the different animals that live there and tries to do what they do, like eat grass like a cow or neigh like a horse. After all his attempts fail, Logan stops trying to change himself and hopes that a family will love him for who he is and how he looks. He just has to wait. Its not long until a young girl who wears very big glasses sees Logan and has no doubt that he is a perfect puppy. And Logan goes to his forever home. Forever.

Alyce Hall is a young writer, unashamed teetotaller, absolute homebody and creature of habit. She lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne and has a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing. In 2014 Logan became her sidekick and two years later his floppy ear inspired her to write The Perfect Puppy. You can find out more about Alyce (and Logan) at Hillside, VIC Katrina Fisher is an illustrator based on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria. She studied Fine Art at Federation University in Ballarat and holds a postgraduate degree in Visual Communication Design from Deakin University. She enjoys working from her home studio where she spends her time illustrating picture books. Working in traditional mediums, Katrina creates her illustrations using coloured pencil, graphite, watercolour, ink and gouache and her style can be described as detailed, classic and realistic. Her aim is to convey a sense of emotion, playfulness and tenderness in her illustrations and finds it wonderfully satisfying when her work connects with people and brings joy to the viewer. Her work can be viewed on her website:

* Logans persistent yet humorous attempts to act like the other animals on the farm will fill children with laughter, love and importantly hope. * An easy-to-read, beautifully hand illustrated and heart-warming story about looking different and finding your family. * Celebrates self-acceptance and the differences that make us special.

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