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    Real-Life Mysteries

    Can you explain the unexplained?
    Unexplained phenomena have been written and spoken about for centuries. Science has rationalised some things but many mysteries still remain unsolved. Is spontaneous human combustion real? Can a person burn from the inside outwards until all that remains of them is a pile of ashes (and maybe a charred arm or leg)? Did ancient alien astronauts visit earth thousands of years ago and leave behind secret messages and amazing feats of engineering like Stonehenge? Do UFOs exist or are they optical illusions? Using thrillingly written accounts and storyboard presentations, this fascinating collection of case files covers everything from crop circles to monsters with a view to examining and evaluating the evidence... so you can make up your own mind. Not everything you read is true and learning how to discriminate and assess the real facts is a useful, if not essential, skill for all youngsters to learn.
    Susan Martineau is an author, editor and first-class fact finder who writes creative and educational books for children. Fascinated by strange and weird information, Susan’s books always shine a light into the most unusual corners of the world around us, sparking a passion for discovery and curiosity in her readers. With over 20 years’ experience in book publishing, including a stint in non-fiction books at the BBC, Susan now spends a good deal of her time lost on the internet or rummaging through libraries researching, unearthing and checking facts for her books. Susan has lived in various parts of the world from Holland and France to Malaysia and now London.
    Scary, hairy creatures Slipping into the past Unidentified flying objects Ancient alien astronauts Curses, curses, curses! Helpful ghosts Monsters of the deep Fire from within Astonishing superpowers Strange circles The missing lighthouse men
    * Stretch kids’ minds with activities based on real-life, unsolved mysteries. * Spark curiosity and the imagination with a wide range of cases. * Enthral reluctant readers with thrillingly written accounts of spooky events. * Advertising on Australian Geographic digital platforms and in magazine.

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