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A Concise History of New South Wales

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After an outline of pre-colonial times, this book presents a concise historical account of the early days of the NSW colony and how it has progressed since those beginnings to the current day. Each section focuses on a different cultural or historical aspect which is examined thoroughly from the beginnings of British settlement. The complete development of the state is told, weaving through these various areas of focus, along with all the important people and events. Remarkable pioneers have helped shape not only the state but the country as a whole: the voices of those prior to Cook’s explorations are of course silent, but the stories of those since make fascinating reading. No such work would be complete without acknowledging and exploring the exceptional role played by the Indigenous population. There are copious references made to the valuable contributions they made, and continue to make. This history looks back at all aspects of the development of the country’s earliest and most populous state.

Professor John Croucher has two PhDs in modern history, complementing his first doctorate in mathematics and statistics. He is one of Australia’s most prominent academics and has been recognised with multiple international, national, state and university awards for outstanding teaching. John was the winner of the Prime Minister’s Award for the University Teacher of the Year 2013–14 as the best teacher in any discipline in Australia. John is also a scholarly researcher with an international reputation, publishing 30 books and over 120 papers, along with more than 1,000 other articles in newspapers and magazines. In 2015 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).


  1. Indigenous history
  2. Non-indigenous colonisation and settlement
  3. Convicts
  4. Cities, towns and localities
  5. Agricultural and Pastoral industry
  6. Politics
  7. Education
  8. Infrastructure and Transport
  9. Manufacturing and industrial development
  10. Health
  11. Entertainment
  12. Science
  13. Crime, Punishment and Law Enforcement
  14. Finance
  15. Community organisations
  16. Religion
  17. Sport
  18. Art, Literature, Music and Architecture


* The first single volume history of the state since 2006.
* The only inexpensive primer to the state’s history currently available.
* A very readable volume that is highly recommended for all ages.
* Specifically written to complement school syllabi

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