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Australian Geographic Camping & Outdoor Family Activity Guide

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Engagingly illustrated, this book is packed with of hundreds of outdoor and camping activities you can enjoy as a family when camping, visiting your local park…or even just in your own backyard! Family campers will find everything they need to know, including what to pack, equipment needed, campfire recipes, games and outdoor skills. Teenagers will enjoy learning how to use their devices to engage in nature with geocaching, becoming a citizen scientist or even filming a documentary. In your own backyard there are activities for the whole family, with ideas for outdoor movie nights, backyard camping and Olympic games events, as well as sensory play experiences for younger kids. Whether you’re planning a camping trip or simply want to get your kids off their screens and playing outside, there are plenty of exciting activities to get your entire family making the most of the great outdoors.

Catherine Proctor is a freelance author, digital storyteller and editor who has also written and co-authored several other books for Australian Geographic and Woodslane, including The Caravan & Campervan Cookbook; Australian Geographic Blue Mountains; Sydney for Dogs; Sydney’s Best Picnic Spots, Parks and Reserves; and Sydney’s Best Beaches and Rock Baths. With a surf-mad husband, two active boys and a passion for travel, Catherine’s weekends and holidays have always revolved around getting out into the great outdoors as much as possible. As her kids have grown the activities and their interests have changed and so this book includes ideas she has used with her own children from toddlerhood right through to the teenage years. When she’s not writing, Catherine runs her own craft business and cookery school. However, the recipes and activities in this book have been tried, tested and given the stamp of approval by her harshest judges, her own family!

Chapter 1 - Plan before you go

Chapter 2 - Backyard activities 

Chapter 3 - Getting there & setting up camp

Chapter 4 - Exploring the great outdoors

Chapter 5 - Camping & outdoor skills

Chapter 6 - Camping games 

Chapter 7 - Using technology in nature

Chapter 8 - Food, glorious food

* Brand new book, perfect for the lifestyle of Australians in 2021 and beyond.
* Activities for kids of all ages, from pre-school to teens.
* Not just for camping, includes park and backyard activities.

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