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    Gold Standard Science Review Flashcard

    Science review prep material
    Are you tired of memorizing hundreds of facts that would never be tested on the real exams? There are many companies that are happy to have you memorize names of dead scientists or the structures of all 20 alpha amino acids and much more. The Gold Standard has a different approach. George Bernard Shaw once apologized to a friend for having written a long letter; he said he did not have enough time to write a short letter! The Gold Standard has taken the time to condense an enormous amount of material into 5​2​ high quality poker sized cards containing over 200 of the most frequently tested ​science ​concepts ​that are required for the GAMSAT​. In fact, these flashcards represent a short letter to you, to help you consolidate fundamental science principles. The flashcards ​contain key information for Biology, Physics, General and Organic Chemistry.​ ​The high quality poker sized cards are in color​ and ​include dozens of diagrams, mnemonics and illustrations.​
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